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2019 | Linkedin Promo Video

Here’s the actual Linkedin post.

2019 | Keona’s Journey to Year One

Originally posted HERE (March 2019)

2018 | Year End Company Event

During our year-end event on 16 Sep 2018, I took some videos with my Google Pixel 2 phone and DJI Osmo Mobile. My boss requested to make a short video from the clips I took. I spent about 2 hours editing this one. Nothing fancy. Just a quick on-the-beat cut of the videos and images. Got the free music from

2018 | Linkedin Promo Video (30 sec.)

The video’s storyline was targeted to Facility Managers.

2017 | Thailand Trip

Shot with iphone 7 and GoPro, and using DJI Osmo Mobile. Wrote a blog post about this video here.


2017 | Company Seminar

We hosted a seminar in Dubai and this an interview of one of the speakers. I wrote a blog about the event videos here.

2017 | Celebrating Success

I was asked to create a short summary video of what has been achieved by our branch on the previous year.

2016 | Pre-Wedding Video

That’s me and my wife. My brothers were the videographers and I provided the direction and editing guidance.

2013 | Filmmaking Class Output

Spent the summer of 2013 teaching kids the basics of filmmaking and we had this output.

Watch some of the older movies we made:

I’m a Hero (2010)

Homerun (2009)