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3 Steps to Having Your Own Website

James Bacarro, Full-stack Marketer, Dubai

31 May 2017

Follow these quick steps and you should have an up and running website in no time.

Step # 1: Get your Domain and Hosting

Domain Name – commonly known as your web address (

Web hosting – think of that as a storage for all your website files – including the photos, videos, mp3 files, or whatever you have on your website.

You will need both of them in order to have a website.

You can get both at (that’s an affiliate link right there)

Getting your domain and hosting separately on different websites is another option but that will complicate the process. For the sake of ease, get your domain and hosting from a single source.

Other options I’ve had experience with?


Step # 2: Install WordPress

Why Wordpress? 27% of all the websites in the world runs WordPress. That’s like 1 in every 4 – you know that math.

What are your other options? You have Joomla, Drupal, Square Space. You can spend hours and hours reading through reviews of advantages and disadvantages of any of these Content Management Systems (CMS), but I suggest not to complicate your life. Use WordPress.


2.1  Go to your website’s cPanel.

You can access it once you’re logged on to your web host’s website.

For IfastNet..

If you’re using siteground..

or you go directly from your web address then add “/cpanel”. For example,


2.2 From cPanel, scroll down to “Softaculous Installer” then select “WordPress”


2.3 Setup WordPress

On the next page, click the “Install” tab then update the settings.

Note: Remove the content of the “In Directory” if you are installing WordPress on the root of your website. If you put, for instance, wp, it will install WordPress on “”. Now, why would you want to do that? Maybe if you want to setup a test site.


2.4 Proceed with the installation.

Once you’re done updating the settings, scroll down to the buttom part to run the wordpress installation

Now you have WordPress on your website!

It won’t look anything much, that is why you need a WordPress theme.

Proceed with logging in to your WordPress website by adding “/wp-admin” to your website address. It will be like this:

I do hope you remembered the login details you set during the installation.


Step # 3: Install WordPress Theme

You will need a theme to simplify your life. A WordPress theme is a premade template. There are a bunch of free.

There are a bunch of free WordPress themes here: or go to your WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Themes then choose the look you want to have.


But if you are looking at long term, it would be best to get a PREMIUM Theme. A Premium Theme is a paid theme. Yes, there are free themes but most of these have very limited features. Also, most free themes are Lite versions of premium themes. These give you a taste of the premium theme but with limited features.

My personal favorite is the DIVI Theme. It’s simply awesome and it’s the theme I’m currently using on this website.

What’s next? You can start adding content and configure your website settings.

Easy right?


Hey, if you’re stuck at some point setting up your website, drop me a message here and I will try my best to help you.

Little by little, I will be writing marketing articles, tutorials, and insights - so if you want to get updates, please leave your email below.