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3 Quick Tips for Photographing your Baby

by James Bacarro

25 August 2018

As Keona (our cutie little baby) ages another month, we put her in the cot along with her spirit-animal/guardian Elee.

This is how we’re doing the monthly baby photo until she turns one.

Now she’s on her 5th-month photo shoot.

Here are 3 quick tips from our monthly shoot that may help you:

1. Use toys

You can catch your baby’s attention by holding a toy near the camera so that his/her eyes are not wandering around. Also, it would be good to perform your baby’s laugh triggers. My wife is the master of that.


2. Shoot after she wakes up from a nap and when she’s full

Easy. Babies are in their best moods after a nap and after feeding. Maybe not all the time, but that’s what works for our princess.


3. Good Lighting

You do NOT need a fancy light setup but you need a good enough light source/s to produce a good-quality image.

For the image above, I had two light sources: (1) window light, (2) room’s fluorescent light (as fill light). Sometimes I don’t need the latter if I want a different mood.

An obvious outcome for not having sufficient light is that your images will be grainy (which equals to ‘bad quality’), especially if you try to increase the brightness (exposure) of your image during editing.

Important points I keep in mind when I shoot indoors:

  • Don’t shoot in the evening or even late afternoon because the light on your room’s ceiling is not sufficient and very unflattering.
  • Shoot when the sun is at its brightest (maybe at lunchtime), then remove the window curtains for the light to get in. If your windows are tinted (which is in our case), open them to allow even more light to¬†fill the room.



If you fancy knowing the tech specs of the photos, here they are:

Shot with Fujifilm x100s
Aperture: f2.5
ISO: 640
Shutter speed: 1/100 s
Post-process: Adobe Lightroom (with a nice preset)


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