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The more you Teach, the more you Learn
James Bacarro, Full-stack Marketer, Dubai

15 April 2017

Shooting a short film with the kids!

Year 2013

What makes teaching a very fulfilling job is the chance to influence others and in a way – multiply yourself.

I had a wonderful teaching job after college. I taught in awesome school for 4 years. What’s more awesome? My mom’s the school principal. Convenient!

For 3 summers, I got an amazing chance of hosting Basic Filmmaking Workshops.

Who were my firsts, officially enrolled students? My youngest brother (Joseph) and his best friend (LA).

That’s LA, me and Joseph – during our video shoot.
Year 2009

I also got a chance to do filmmaking classes for the senior high – as part of their ARTS class. My second-youngest brother (Josh) was in that class.

So you get the picture — I taught my 2 younger brothers videography and filmmaking.

That was around 7 or 8 years ago. Now? They have become so good. They have outgrown the master! 😀

The 3 of them has established OnDSpot Productions, a video production house based in Davao City, Philippines.

Them – having a project meeting with the PH’s Presidential Spokesperson.
Year 2017

One can’t help but be proud of what they have become and are becoming.

Follow their page and get updates on what they are up to —

“While we teach, we learn.” – Roman Philosopher Seneca

If you have something you are good at, why not teach that and multiply yourself? And you know what? Teaching definitely makes you learn more.