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Pixel Stories

This another side project is inspired by a few stuff I’ve listened or read:

“Show your work” by Austin Kleon (it’s his next book after “Steal like an Artist”)
Unthinkable Podcast “Side Projects [Creativity Series #2]”

The motive

Being a marketer and a content producer, a critical must-have skill is being able to tell great stories. And what’s the best way to hone this skill? By telling stories – lots of stories.

It’s not about the number likes, shares or comments I would get. It’s about the process – how I’m learning, improving myself through each post. The idea is to improve a little every day (or every post). If I grow and improve 1% a day, in less than 4 months that’s 100% improvement. So it doesn’t matter whether each post is a hit or a miss – the important thing is to do the work and commit to it – the art will just follow.

The concept

If you pay enough attention, there are stories everywhere – unnoticed and untold. These are stories I aim to uncover.


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